People of Felbridge

People of Felbridge

Please be patient whilst the pictures download. The Felbridge archive contains over 2000 indexed entries consisting of photographs, newspaper clippings, postcards, copy deeds and memories. There is also a large collection of local census records, maps and copy parish records. The archive may be searched by appointment.

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Mrs & Mrs A Pattenden


Pictured here are Amos and Jane Pattenden. Amos was born in 1843 and lived until 1928, Jane was born in 1853 and lived until 1932. The Pattenden family moved to Little Hedgecourt Farm, now Hedgecourt House, Copthorne Road, Felbridge in 1823 and occupied it until it was sold in 1911. Amos and Jane were the last of the Pattenden’s to live there.

Photograph courtesy of F Wheeler

Mr & Mrs A Searle

C 1915

Alfred Searle and his wife lived at Gibbshaven Farm, Furnace Wood, Felbridge at the turn of the 20th century. During World War I, German prisoners of war were used to help run the farm. Alfred Searle also ran a haulage company using horse and cart from Gibbshaven.

Photograph courtesy of W Searle 

Mr & Mrs W Streeter


Mr William Streeter was born in 1870 and lived until 1951, his wife Emma, was born in 1872 and lived until c1962. They married at Horne Church on 25th December 1896 and moved from Newchapel to Felbridge shortly after, living at 2 Rose Cottage, Crawley Down Road, then 1 Mill Cottage, Hedgecourt and finally 2 Park Cottage, Copthorne Road. William Streeter worked at Hedgecourt Farm for over fifty years and whilst living at Mill Cottage was responsible for operating the sluice gates there.

Photograph courtesy of J Chewter

Ormond Mepphem

1856 – 1945

Ormond Meppem and his family moved to Felbridge at the end of the 19th century and worked for the Gatty family as Estate Bailiff. He lived at Hart’s Hall, now the site of Felbridge Court, Copthorne Road, and Rose Cottage, Imberhorne Lane.

Photograph courtesy of E Pitt

Carew Sanders

1827 – 1909

Carew Sanders was the eldest son of Carew and Susannah Sanders of Rose Cottage, Felbridge Water, who emigrated to America in 1848.

Photograph courtesy of A Cathcart

Agnes Mary Wren

1882 – 1937

Agnes Mary was born of Amos and Jane Pattenden, and married Samuel Wren. Before her marriage she was a housemaid, and Samuel was a gardener. On her death, Samuel had a window made to celebrate her life and this can be found in the North wall of St John’s Church.

Photograph courtesy of F Wheeler

 Mr & Mrs J West

James and Harriett West pictured outside Warren House Farm, Crawley Down Road, where they were tenants.

Photograph courtesy of F Wheeler

Rev. J Thorp

Vicar of Felbridge
1889 - 1915

Photograph Courtesy of J Chewter

Charles Brooker

Carrier of Felbridge

Photograph courtesy of R Towse
 Conv_Conv_026C039 Chas Brooker Carrier cart2.jpeg

Mr Nichols

The Nichols' lived at 24 Imberhorne Lane and are recorded as tenants in 1881.

Photograph courtesy of K. Housman


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