West Park Sale Catalogue, 1936

West Park Sale Catalogue, 1936

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The West Park Estate was sold in 1936, this exhibition is a small selection from the 1936 sale catalogue along with the catalogue descriptions.

The West Park Estate totalled 2,329 acres abutting the north of Felbridge and including property in the Civil and Ecclesiastical Parishes of Felbridge. Below is a map of the Estate Lands as they were in 1936 (overlaid on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey Map of c1870). The Estate includes parts of Newchapel, Bysshe Court, West Park, Blindley Heath, Snowhill and Horne Park.

 West park estate 1936a.jpg

West Park

LOT 21
The Attractive and Moderate Sized Country Residence known as West Park.
53a 2r 19p

Is situated toward the south-west corner of the estate and was built by the late Doctor Alfred Palmer, JP. in 1898, for use as a shooting lodge.

On the first floor are six principle bed and dressing rooms. In a wing and shut off from the foregoing rooms are four secondary or servants' bedrooms.
 z_West Park 1936.jpg

Lowlands Farm

41a 1r 18p
The farmhouse is an interesting old structure of brick and half timbering, partly cased in cement, with a slate roof supported on coved eaves; many of the beams are still exposed. The entrance is through a brick-built porch and the accomodation includes:- Sitting Room with register fireplace; Living Room with deep inglenook fireplace and a fitted seat at one side; coal hole; scullery with heavily beamed ceiling and fitted bakeoven, copper and sink; larder and dairy both having brick floors and beamed ceilings. On the upper floor are six bedrooms.
 X_1936 photo.jpg

Cherry Gardens Cottage and Land, Downlands Lane


LOT 27
33a 1r 12p

The attractive cottage which faces south is brick, tile-hung and tiled and contains:- Sitting Room, Living Room; Wash House; Larder, and three bedrooms above.
Two outside sheds and EC. Well water supply.
In front of the Cottage is a large garden and at the back is an orchard.

 z_cherry gardens 1936.jpg

Dennis Villa, Newchapel

LOT 50
0a 1r 3p


 z_Dennis Villa.jpg

Downswood, Newchapel Road


LOT 23
2a 2r 39p
An attractive modern gabled residence situated near th entrance to West Park and protected from the main road by a high hedge and a row of chestnut trees. A gravelled drive forms a circular sweep in front of the house, which faces south-east.
Front and back staircases lead to four bedrooms, two having modern stone fireplaces while three of the bedrooms have lavatory basins fitted.




Perry Cottage


LOT 34
3a 1r 8p
A picturesque brick, half-tinbered and tiled cottage sitauated on the south side of the main Lingfield-Crawley Road close to West Park and containing:- Sitting Room; Living Room with recessed and beamed fireplace at the side of which is a Bakeoven (now dis-used); Scullery, fitted sink and copper; large larder, and three bedrooms upstairs, two of which have dormer windows. 

 z_Perry Cottage.jpg

Pondlake Cottage, Brickhouse Lane

LOT 14
5a 1r 13p
An attractive brick, tile-hung and tiled cottage situated near the junction of Brickhouse Lane and Clay Lane but standing well back from the road. It has an enclosed glazed and tiled porch opening into a double sitting room or louonge which has at one end an open recessed fire, supported by a beam and at the other a modern register fireplace; the dining room has a beamed ceiling and register fireplace and also contains an Independent 'Ideal' No. 4D boiler. 
 z_Pond Lake.jpg

Quarry Farm, Newchapel


 LOT 47

 6a 1r 27p

A capital small holding adjoining  Frogit Heath on the main Crawley-Lingfield Road half a mile from Newchapel Corner.
The house is brick-built, tile-hung and tiled and contains:- Sitting Room with beamed ceiling; Living Room with recessed chimneypiece and beamed ceiling; scullery, fitted sink and copper, and large larger. An oak staircase leads to a square landing used as a bedroom and two other bedrooms, one of which has an oak floor.

 z_Quarry Farm.jpg

Worger Cottage and Land


LOT 38
2a 3r 10p
An atttractive brick, tile-hung and tiled cottage standing well back from the road and protected by a carefully clipped and trained yew hedge. It contains a brick porch, hall and staircase; sitting room; living room, fitted range, copper and sink; dairy, fitted slate shelves. Above there are three bedgrooms. Outside wood and coal sheds and EC. 

 z_worger cottage.jpg

Yew Tree Farm

LOT 49
4a 1r 29p
A Cottage Holding situated in the private road between the main Lingfield-Crawley Road and Bones Lane.
Yew Tree Cottage which takes its name from the fine yew trees guarding it, stands well back from the road and is brick-built, tile-hung and tiled, part of the walls being half timbered. It contains:- Living Room with open beamed fireplace; large larder or dairy with concrete floor and beamed ceiling; scullery, fitted sink and copper, and an oak staircase leading to a landing bedroom and two other bedrooms partly oak floored.

[Now called Quest]
 z_Yew Tree Farm - Quest.jpg


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