More People of Felbridge

More People of Felbridge

Please be patient whilst the pictures download. The Felbridge archive contains over 2000 indexed entries consisting of photographs, newspaper clippings, postcards, copy deeds and memories. There is also a large collection of local census records, maps and copy parish records. The archive may be searched by appointment.

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Jesse & Maria Heselden

Jesse was born in 1855, the son of Mark and Ann Esther Heselden. He married Maria Shaw in 1872 and set up home in the Hastings area where they had nine children. Jesse, like his four brothers, followed his father into the building trade. Jesse and two brothers, Albert and Frederick, become bricklayers, like their father, whilst William and Mark became plasterers. Jesse died in 1927, aged 72 years.
courtesy of M Heselden

The Stone Family outside Gullege

Henry and Ann Stone and their two sons

The first member of the Stone family to occupy Gullege was George Stone, who is listed as the farm bailiff for Gullege in 1866/67. In 1871/72, George’s brother William Stone was listed as the farm bailiff at Gullege but by 1881, William was listed living at North End, Felbridge, as a farmer of 25 acres. The next generation of the Stone family to occupy Gullege was Henry Stone, possibly the son of William.

Henry and his wife Ann took over the tenancy of Gullege Farm some time between 1913 and 1917, Henry left Gullege c1920 and moved to Brookhurst, Lowdell’s Lane, where he died in 1933. courtesy of E Lightburn

William & Bess Harding

William Job Jesse was born on 25th August 1884, the son of Jesse and Ellen Harding. William married Eliza Elizabeth, known as Bess on 29th January 1913. Bess was born in 1893, the daughter of John Harding, the younger brother of Jesse. In 1881, the parents of Jesse and John, and the older members of the Harding family, were living in Imberhorne Lane.

This picture of William and Bess, with their eldest child, was taken circa 1916.
courtesy of D Harding

The Daniels Family

The Daniels family lived at Worger’s Cottage, West Park Road until 1936. One of the features of the property was the clipped topiary hedge at the front. Richard was born in 1863, son of Thomas and Ellen Daniels of Cherry Garden, Horne. Caroline was born in 1867, the daughter of Peter and Ellen Pattenden of Worth. This picture was taken in the back garden of Worger’s Cottage and shows Richard and Caroline with their family,
c 1900.
Left to right: Annie, Frank, Richard, Albert, Lily, Alfred, Caroline, Agnes, centre front: May.
Courtesy of C Coomber

George Coomber

George was born was born in 1840. He married Eleanor who came from Hastings. Eleanor was born in 1851. George ran the brewery at North End, on East Grinstead Common, and he delivered his beer with a white pony and cart.
Courtesy of J Coomber

Charles & Isabella Hewitt

Charles John was born on 28th December 1871, the son of Eliza and Henry Hewitt, of 29, Imberhorne Lane. Charles married Isabella Ellen Bradford on 11th April 1903. Isabella was born on 12th June 1881 the daughter of Benjamin and Clara Bradford of Parish Cottage, now known as The Crofters, East Park Lane, Horne. Charles and Isabella had six girls and a son, who unfortunately died in 1920, aged seven. Charles was a Master Bricklayer by trade. Charles died in 1959, aged 88 years and Isabella in 1971, aged 89 years.

This picture shows Charles and Isabella with their daughters, from left to right, Violet, Doris, Grace, Olive, Barbara and Ansley.
Courtesy of J Wilkins

Charles Baldwin

Charles was born on 23rd February 1873, at Wire Mill Cottages, the son of William and Caroline Baldwin. His father was the corn miller’s loader at Wire Mill. The family later moved to 4, Imberhorne Lane. Charles was a younger brother of PC James Baldwin who was murdered whilst on duty in London in 1898. Charles married Mary Ann Lucas on 19th June 1897.

Charles is seen here on the right of the photograph, holding the ferrets.
Courtesy of F Wheeler

Elizabeth 'Jessy' Brooker

1892 – 1993
Jessy was born in Lancaster, moved with her family to Golards Farm, Newchapel in 1893 and then to The Oaks, Crawley Down Road, Felbridge in 1911. She had two older sisters and a younger brother. After leaving school she went into service and worked at Tanglelands, Dormans Park, in later life she worked for Mrs Nancy McIver at Woodcock. Jessy also looked after her parents in old age and out lived all of her family, even though they all lived to be well into their 80’s. She spent the last two years of her life in Halsford Park Nursing Home, until just before her 101st birthday.
Courtesy of R Towse

Jane Pattenden

1798 - 1873
Jane Pattenden was born Jane Wood and married Henry Pattenden on 9th January 1820. She had John, born 1821, Eliza, born 1822, Henry, born 1825, Jane, born 1827, William, born 1829, Sarah, born 1831, George, born 1832, Harriett, born 1834, James, born 1836, Peter, born 1837, Thomas, born, 1840, Edward, born 1842 and Amos, born 1843. They lived at Little Hedgecourt Farm, now Hedgecourt House, from 1823 and on the death of Jane and Henry, the farm passed to Amos, their youngest son.
Courtesy of F Wheeler


Nancy McIver

1893 – 1993
Mrs Nancy McIver moved to Woodcock, Woodcock Hill, Felbridge in 1922 with her second husband, the first having died at the Somme. They established a poultry farm there covering twelve acres. She was a long serving member of the Godstone District Council, a founder member of the WRVS and supporter of many charities. In 1969 she founded the Woodcock Housing Association to provide sheltered housing for those living in the village, and eventually gave her properties of Woodcock and Little Woodcock to the association. She had the intention of living to be one hundred, unfortunately she did not quite succeed by two months.

McIver was pronounced 'Mac-eever', the close of houses on Crawley Down Road was named after Nancy.
Courtesy of K Housman



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