More Buildings of Felbridge

More Buildings of Felbridge

Please be patient whilst the pictures download. The Felbridge archive contains over 2000 indexed entries consisting of photographs, newspaper clippings, postcards, copy deeds and memories. There is also a large collection of local census records, maps and copy parish records. The archive may be searched by appointment.

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Acacia Cottage c1920


Located at at 151, Crawley Down Road, Acacia Cottage was built between 1807 and 1817 by John Vallance, a lath cleaver. The cottage was latter owned by the Terry family who are shown outside the cottage in this picture.

Donated by Stephen Owden


Ebor Lodge 1911

The lodge is on the East side of the A22, it was originally the only building on the plot that is now occupied by The Limes Estate. Donated by Peter Bateman


 ebor lodge.jpg

Warren House Farm c1920


Warren House Farm was entered via a trackway leading to a large five-bar gate off the Crawley Down Road where the entrance to Warren Close is now located.  The farmhouse was set well back from the road behind a tall hedge and could not be easily seen by the passer-by. This was the home of James Osborn Spong founder of the Spong & Co.

Donated by Peter Wickenden




Ye Olde Felbridge Hotel 1949



The hotel was built between 1916 and 1919 for Major T. S. Inglis on land that was once part of East Grinstead Common. Originally called Felbridge Hotel, it was renamed Ye Olde Felbridge Hotel in the early 1930’s. Shortly after WWII, the hotel acquired the house opposite to be used as an annex to the hotel and was renamed Old Felbridge House.

Donated by Sheila Martin


 Felbridge Hotel.jpg

Hedgecourt Watermill c1936


The original watermill was built on this site about 1570, the mill was replaced in the 18th century upon the original foundations. In 1856 it was described as being brick and tiled, worked by an 11 ft overshot wheel, driving 2 pairs of stones. It ceased use in about 1920 and was demolished to ground level in the 1950’s.

Donated by Nick Bryce-Smith


 hedgecourt mill.jpg


Hedgecourt Mill Cottages c1936


The southern end of the cottages date to the late 1500’s being a two-bay floored house with mullion windows. The house has been extended greatly providing housing for the miller of Hedgecourt water and wind mills. The longest resident millers were the Marchant family 1670-1773. The property has now been combined to form one dwelling.

Donated by Nick Bryce-Smith


 mill cottages.jpg

Old Pheasentry c1911


This house is located west of the A22 at Woodcock Hill and is believed to date to the mid 1700’s. In 1881 it was the home of John Killick the head gamekeeper to the Felbridge Estate and was known as The Kennel. John Killick was responsible for the gun dogs as well as the breeding of game birds for shooting parties.

Donated by Peter Bateman


School House c1907


The school house was built in 1783 and is the oldest school building in Surrey still used for its original purpose. The school room was at the far right of this picture and was accessed by a door from the rear of the property. The door at the front was used to enter the Masters house.

Donated by Christine Tweed


 school c1906.jpg

Stone Cottages 1926


The Cottages stand just North of Wards Farm on the East side of the A22. Part of the house is believed to date to 17th century but was extended and remodelled in the early 20th century. It is possible that the remodelling was the work of the famous architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, who was working for the Henry Willis Rudd, the owner of the Felbridge Estate at that time.

Donated by Ray Ford 


 stone cottage.jpg

West Park 1936


West Park House was erected in 1869 by George Palmer of Huntley and Palmer to form the principle property on the 2,300 acre West Park Estate.  His son, Dr. Alfred Palmer, extended the property in 1898.  On the death of Alfred Palmer in 1936 the estate was broken up and sold.

Donated by Howard Cundy



 west park.jpg


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