Clubs & Societies of Felbridge

Clubs & Societies of Felbridge

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1st Felbridge (St. Johns) Brownies


The Brownies were formed in 1950, with Mrs Cooper being the original Brown Owl. The Brownie pack started with eight members and reached its peak in the late 1960’s and early 70’s with over forty members. This picture shows the Pack in 1958 and those named are left to right: Back row: 1 and 2, Kathleen Fowler with Catherine Brighty in front, 3 and 4 unknown, 5 Miss Mills, 6-8 unknown. Second row: 1 unknown, 2 Heather Dixon, 3 Betty Wallis, 4 Amanda Redman. Front row: both unknown.
(picture donated by D Giles)


1st Felbridge (St. Johns) Guides


Mrs Cooper who was not only Brown Owl, but also took on the role of Guide Captain when she registered the Felbridge Guides and Brownies on 23rd February 1950. On 18th May the same year, Miss I P Wallis and Joan Swan enrolled eight Brownies and thirteen Guides and 1st Felbridge (St John’s) were up and running. This picture shows most of the original Felbridge Guide Company of 1950 and those named are left to right: Back row: 1 Pat Sallis, 2 Pat Butler, 3 Miss Uphill (Lieutenant), 4 Mrs Cooper (Captain), 5 and 6 unknown, 7 Margaret Streatfield. Front row: 1 Gwen Killick, 2 Joyce Bray, 3 Shirley Dadswell, 4 unknown, 5 Pauline Philpott.
(picture donated by J Gates nee Bray)  

North End & Felbridge Cricket Club


The North End and Felbridge CC was formed in 1893 and originally used a ground on the North side of Sackville Lane, North End, but in 1929 the ground moved to the Chartham Ground, its current location opposite the Star Inn, renting the land from Mr Ivan Margary. In 1953, Mr Margary gave this field to the Club, who later added a pavilion in 1972. The Club known as Felbridge CC in the 1990’s, and in 2001 amalgamated with Sunnyside CC and are now known as Felbridge & Sunnyside CC. Unfortunately no names are known of the players in this 1920 photograph, but the team was presumably the one that won the Joyce Cup that year.
(picture donated by C Tweed)

Felbridge Homeguard


The Home Guard was originally known as the Local Defence Volunteers, and Mr Tate, one of the Irish Guards at Hobbs Barracks, formed the Felbridge Platoon at the end of 1939. This picture shows members of the Felbridge Home Guard, those named are from left to right: Back row: 1 and 2 unknown, 3 Mr Sergeant, 4 Mr Wedge, 5 Mr Coomber, 6 Mr Farmer, 7 Mr Heselden, 8 and 9 unknown. Second row: 1 Mr Strudwick, 2 and 3 unknown, 4 Mr Subtil, 5 Mr Maynard, 6 Mr Streeter, 7 Mr Crane, 8 Mr Pannell, 9 Mr Lelean, 10 unknown, 11 Mr Luxford, 12 unknown, 13 Mr Butcher (sailor). Third row: 1 Mr Finn, 2 Mr Dubar, 3 Mr Buckland, 4 and 5 unknown, 6 Mr Kelf, 7 Mr Thomas, 8 Mr Clarke, 9 Mr Newman, 10 Mr Holman, 11 Mr Terry, 12 Mr King, 13 Mr Quilter. Front row: 1-3 unknown, 4 Mr Agates, 5 Mr Paice, 6 unknown, 7 Mr Wood, 8 Mr Seargeant.
(picture donated by J Weller)

Felbridge & District Rifle Club


This was originally known as the Home Guard Rifle Club and was formed by Arnold Kelf and Howell Powell following the disbandment of the Home Guard in 1947. At first the Club used the ranges at Hobbs Barracks, later moving to Imberhorne Lane in 1950, and finally, the current site of East Court in 1966. This picture shows some of the original members, those named are left to right: Back row: 1 Harry Heard, 2 Sam Streeter, 3 unknown, 4 Jess Heselden (jnr), 5 Ernie Prevett. Second row: 1 Lois Subtil, 2 Arnold Kelf, 3 unknown, 4 Ernest Brackpool. Front row: 1 Jack Thomas, 2 Mr Heselden (snr), 3 Stuart Laws, 4 Howell Powell, 5 Albert Brackpool
(picture donated by B Salmon)

Lake View Drama Club


The Lake View Drama club grew out of the youth Club that had been established in 1943 by Mr Hopper. In 1948, Mrs Effie Charlesworth produced the first sketches for a group of budding and enthusiastic entertainers. From this the Lake View Drama and Social Club expanded to produce an annual pantomime and entertainments three times a year. The last pantomime was produced in 1976. This picture is taken from the Mother Goose production of January 1952 and shows, from left to right: Janet Cleverly, Tony Jones, Reg Houghton, Vernon Parker, Joyce Streeter, Marion Pike, Pat Quilley and Molly Good.
(picture donated by T Jones)

 Luncheon Club


The Felbridge Over 60’s Luncheon Club grew out of the Darby and Joan Club, meeting weekly for lunch at the Felbridge Village Hall. The Club survived into the late 1990’s. This picture was taken at their Christmas luncheon in 1972, where traditional Christmas fare was served and entertainment in the form of a dancing display was provided by the pupils of Ifield Comprehensive School, Crawley.
(picture donated by V Brown)

Drby & Joan Club


The Felbridge Darby and Joan Club was started by Mrs Hawthorn and the WVS, now the WRVS, and held its first meeting in the Felbridge Institute on 5th October 1953. The Club held regular meetings, first at the Institute and then the Felbridge Village Hall, after its opening in 1965. They also enjoyed holidays, outings and weekly lunches, and raised money for charities like the Lingfield Marathon Minibus, EGBUS and St John’s Ambulance. In later years the Club dissolved into the Felbridge Over 60’s Luncheon Club, which ran until the late 1990’s. This picture shows members of the Felbridge Darby and Joan Club celebrating their 14th anniversary, with many well-known Felbridge faces like, Charlie and Dora Wheeler, Nancy McIver, Lily Giles, Beulah Buckland and Ellen Humphrey.
(picture donated by V Brown)

Felbridge Womens Institute


Mrs Evan Evans and fifteen committee members established the Felbridge WI in 1924. The first President was Mrs Back. Well before the formation of the Parish Council, the WI was involved in Parish matters such as improving the village drainage and the widening of the Star junction. The Institute started the village flower show in 1928 and held a weekly village market throughout the Second World War. Until the WI became a registered charity, money was raised annually for local charities. They are also renowned for their band of knitters who produce jumpers and blankets for Oxfam and the Red Cross. This picture shows some of the members of the Felbridge WI, depicting Queen Elizabeth Woodville’s escape of 1468, when they took part in the East Grinstead Pageant to mark the Festival of Britain in 1951.
(picture donated by G Huntley)


Felbridge Bowling Club


The Felbridge Bowling Club dates back to 1931, when a few enthusiastic bowlers met and rented a ground where Hedgecourt Place is now situated. In 1933, the Club expanded and moved to the Vicarage Field. As the club grew in membership a new Bowling Green was sort and in 1947 the current green in the Crawley Down Road was made available by Godstone RDC through the King George Playing Fields Association. This picture of the Bowling Club was taken at the Vicarage Field, where Mrs Gresley, (seated centre front), put up the first wood at the new green in 1933.
(picture donated by F Wheeler)